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Signal Cannons were first used by ships coming into harbor to signal other ships on the water. Cannons were also used to signal or notify the authorities in the port to come and inspect the ship before it offloaded its goods and crew.

The tradition of signal cannons is still used in boating today. A signal cannon is used to start regattas and races for and to add excitement at outdoor ceremonial events. Many cannon enthusiasts also enjoy collecting and firing the cannons recreationally.

Cove Cannon is proud to announce the launch of a one of a kind signal cannon. What makes it so unique is its custom design and patent pending remote starter, which is the only one like it in the world! Keeping safety and comfort top of mind the Cove Signal Cannon can be fired via remote from over 100 feet away!

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MADE IN AMERICA - Stainless Steel 19"L x 7"H x 7½"W
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